Job (25h, Vienna): Support-Engineer for charities


About more onion

more onion is a digital mobilisation agency supporting progressive non-profits all over Europe with digital campaigns and fundraising. Our teams are based in Vienna, Germany and in the UK.


As an agency we combine strategy consulting, creative communications and technical delivery. More onion is also the company behind Impact Stack: a powerful software platform for digital campaigning and fundraising.

Charities of all sizes rely on our expertise when recruiting new supporters, mobilising existing supporters and delivering highly engaging supporter journeys. This role is a combination of strategic consulting, managing the relationship with the client and hands-on delivery of projects.



Working closely with your colleagues in the technical support team, you will help our clients to get the most out of our campaigning and fundraising platform “Impact Stack”.

Some days your job is to simply answer questions about the platform to help our clients launch a campaign action or start a fundraising pledge. On other days you’ll discuss with developers about the best way to fix a niggly bug.

You will get to know all the different components of our system, such as the database, the interface, the server infrastructure and learn how it all fits together. You will work on resolving technical problems and write detailed bug reports for the development team.

When onboarding new clients to the platform you will create a “theme”, write a bit of CSS and fine tune a data import script.

While fixing technical issues it’s also important to get a good sense of what our clients want to achieve and what possible solutions might help them get there. The majority of our clients speak English and we communicate via email and occasionally a video call. Your job involves translating technical jargon to non-profit jargon and back again.

This role is embedded in a multidisciplinary team with colleagues in hosting, product development, client care, UX design, campaigning and fundraising.

Tasks include:

  • Delivery of small technical projects such as themes, data export files and scripts
  • Executing technical routines such as updating datasets and debugging issues
  • Analyse bugs, reproduce them and fix them
  • Delegating more complex technical jobs to the product development team
  • Participating in regular support tasks and routines
  • Take on shifts where you will be responsible for the email inbox to respond to clients directly
  • Coordinating time lines and tasks
  • Support other teams within the organisation

What we’re looking for:

  • Basic understanding of web technology and some experience with software development
  • Excited to learn a lot about our technology platform and our clients
  • Clear and proactive (written) communications in English. (German skills are a plus)
  • Patience and resilience when solving issues
  • Flexible when it comes to the types of tasks you will take on
  • Excitement about working with non-profits, NGOs, charities, unions and progressive organisations

What we can offer:

  • Well-tested processes and workflows
  • A fairly independent role at an innovative company, where we practice what we preach and we're never afraid to reinvent ourselves
  • Working for well known international charities and helping them create impact
  • A support, mobilisation and development team with many years of experience
  • A wonderful wider team with a friendly culture and supportive colleagues
  • A work environment where learning, innovation and improvement is celebrated
  • Somewhat flexible working hours (as long as client needs and the team's needs are met)
  • Flexible choice of work place (proximity to Vienna is a bonus)
  • A gross salary of around € 1.360 (for 25h, 14 payments per year, double salary in June and December as is common in Austria)

Diversity in our team is very important to us. We're looking forward to your application!

Please send us a letter (we may share with the team), your CV and 2-3 references we can contact with your permission (following a job interview).

We want to find candidates for this role as soon as possible. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to

You can find out more about our company here and about our software platform on the Impact Stack website

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Please send us your CV and a supporting statement via the form. We look forward to hearing from you!

The application deadline for this role is the 15th August 2022.

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