Impact Space community call

Join the Impact Space community call - enjoy learning and networking with other changemakers and help us shape future events - on and off line.

While we're really sad not to be able to go ahead with an in-person event in Berlin this year, we want to make good use of the time to continue to build connections between changemakers across Europe, and get your input into how we can continue to run great, participant-led learning events to support you.

11 November, 10 am - midday GMT/ 11am - 1pm CET
Zoom -
we'll send details after registration

Like the real-world event, the focus will be firmly on interaction and peer exchange. This WON’T be a webinar!

We promise:

  • Structured networking with peers from around Europe
  • Small group discussions on the topics that matter to you
  • A chance to help shape what we offer in future (either online, or at in-person events)

Just fill in the form and we'll send you joining instructions.

What might be on the agenda?

To whet your appetite - here are some of the topics participants have already suggested:

  • Are there any viable alternatives to Facebook for lead generation campaigns?
  • How we can encourage organisations to be bolder, take more risks Values based marketing / campaigning
  • Cheap ways to organise supporter data
  • Innovations and adaptations during 2020; what does BuildBackBetter mean for the sector?
  • Opportunities to do message testing and values and framing work
  • Organic social media, who's making it work?
  • What challenges are people facing inside their organisations and campaigns and how are they addressing them?
  • Communicating about the climate crisis and effective ways to provoke change
  • What's been working for engagement during COVID-19? 
  • Upcoming trends and changes in social media use
  • Getting the most out of google ad words
  • Effective new forms of content
  • How can we better connect those who would benefit from professional campaign advice with our community to go beyond the usual (UK or German) suspects?
  • Will Covid permanently change the way organisations fundraise?
  • How can our campaigning take into account the additional stresses people are under at the moment?

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